Thanks for visiting my website and for your interest.  I hope you find it a  useful and informative visit.  My name is Steve and I have been fascinated  in astronomy and space related subjects since I was a small child leading me to a love of engineering, science and technical things.  I have a passion for teaching and inspiring people.

I am a Systems Architect working at Cisco Systems. I am a Chartered Engineer and have degrees and masters degrees in science and engineering – not that you need that to be fascinated with this wonderful subject!

Me in Curaso
In Curacao

Astrophotography lends itself well to its presentation on websites.  However, whist an avid astrophotographer, I am also a visual astronomer as well using a 12″ Dob and powerful binoculars.

I enjoy learning new skills and so I learned to develop web sites and here is my effort at skastro.net.   I developed it on the Amazon Web Services Lightsail platform where it runs in WordPress on an Ubuntu Virtual machine.  I did use shared hosting at one point but I was constantly having security breaches so I now run the site myself on my own virtual machine for $3 per month.

Below, at the bottom, is my other great interest, road cycling 🙂  I like to get out and do 100 miles a week if I possibly can.  You may also catch me on Zwift 😉 

As well as astronomy and cycling I love travelling, piano, food (beer!) and walking with Louise.

Below is me and my daughter Maya and pictures of me with Louise on our travels.

You may use any of the materials on my website for your own purposes.  If you want to print a picture or share a video then go for it, with my blessing.  However, please reference me as the source if you use any of my material for academic purposes (as a good student you should be doing this anyway 😉 ).  If you want to use something for commercial purposes then please contact me first – I am sure a few beers would go a long way towards my acquiescence 🙂

Me and Maya
With my daughter Maya
Me and Maya2
And another one
With Louise in Palma
Steve and louise - Palma
After Tapas in Malaga
Steve and Louise St Martin
With Louise in St Thomas

In memory of my late wife and mother of my children Yvonne, taken cruelly despite being active, fit and healthy by breast and lung cancer in the prime of her life aged 50.

Stephen Kirk

In memory of Yvonne Kirk