Nebulae Open Clusters

M52 with FSQ85 and G2-8300 Camera

M52 is a fabulous open star cluster in Cassiopeia.  It is set against a huge amount of nebulosity that spans across the constellations of Cassiopeia and Cepheus.   In this image The Bubble Nebula can be seen at the four o’clock position with respect to M52 and many other objects in the Sharpless Catalogue of nebulae are also visible.  These are detailed in the annotated version of the image below.  The square red box on the finder chart on the right represents the image.

Full resolution image here (opens in a new tab).

Technical Information

Imaged from my backyard in Nottingham, UK on 28 November 2021 with a FSQ85 refractor and a Moravian G2-8300 cooled CCD camera with Astrodon HaRGB filters on my MESU200 mount guided with OAG.

All image data is binned 1×1:  Note I do not capture a separate luminance when I bin all of the data channels is 1×1 in order to save some precious (In the UK) clear sky time.  I do know purist swill say that it is best still to capture a luminance because that captures all of the light frequencies at the 1×1 level.  I agree.

Ha> 9 x 300s ; Red > 9 x 300s ; Green 9 x 300s ; Blue > 9 x 300s

Image capture is with NINA and processing in PixInsight.

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