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M38 – Open Cluster in Auriga TEC 140

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M38 is the third of three Messier Open Clusters in the constellation of Auriga, in the Northern hemisphere of the sky.  The other two Messier clusters are M36 and M37.  All of them are easily visible with binoculars and are seen as faint smudges against the darker background.  If you read my post on the Constellation of Auriga you will see all three of the Open Clusters in the same image

M38 Open Cluster

Image Technical Data

Imaged from my back yard in Nottingham, UK on the 18th January 2020 whilst high overhead from my location.  I used my TEC 140 refractor with Atik 460 cooled CCD camera and Astrodon RGB E Series Generation 2 filters.  I used my MESU 200 mount guided with OAG.

All exposures binned 1×1:  Red > 12 x 180s ; Green > 14 x 180s ; Blue > 13 x 180s.  This gives a total integration time of just under two hours.

M38 Annotated
M38 Annotated
M38 Luminance Inverted
M38 Luminance Inverted

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