Lunar Pictures from 23rd April 2021 C925 and ASI224MC

With C925 and ASI224MC camera

A selection of images I took with my C925 and ASI224MC.  Transparency was reasonably good but seeing was quite poor and the image was wobbly.  Each image is developed from a 5000 frame .ser file choosing the best 15% of frames as a result of the poor seeing.  The Moon is at a phase of 82% waxing gibbous and some nice shadows on the terminator.

From my back yard observatory in Nottingham, UK.  Using Celestron C925 SCT telescope and ASI224MC colour high speed planetary camera.

Telescope is at its native focal length of F10 for all these images since the seeing was much too unstable to use a Powermate or Barlow, even a x2 one woudl have been too much on this session.

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