Jupiter, 7 December 2022

Jupiter, 7th December 2022 with C925 SCT and ASI 224MC camera

Jupiter 7 Dec 2022

I am not experienced with imaging the planets other than the Moon.  This image is not going to win any prizes or keep the award winning planetary imagers awake at night!  However, it’s a first effort at Jupiter and a foray in planetary imaging to give me some other astronomy options since almost always, when it is clear the moon is bright thus rendering deep sky observing and photography impossible

I used my Celestron C925 telescope with a x2 Powermate (a 2″ version).  I then used an ADC to try and improve colour correction and to this was connected my ASI224MC colour camera.


I tried my very best to “eyeball” the focus the best I could.  This is very difficult to do as Jupiter was bouncing around considerably due to quite poor seeing. Jupiter was at about 30 degrees altitude almost at the meridian but was above a neighbour’s house and this affected the seeing conditions (heat rising from the house and thus creating air currents that spoil the seeing).  Collimation of my scope may not be ideal either and this is something I need to check into.

All this said, many of Jupiter’s features are visible in this image – the Northern and Southern equatorial belts, the temperate belts as well as the polar regions.  A few of the ovals in the cloud formations are also visible.  At this time the Great Red Spot is not visible and is on the hemisphere facing away from the Earth.

Technical Stuff

5000 frames in colour from ASI 174MC camera with C925 telescope on MESU200 mount.

Captured with Firecapture and processed in Aurtostakkert where best 30% of frames used.  PixInsight Multiscale Median Transformation used to sharpen up five layers.  No other processing at all other than this.

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