Open Clusters

M39 Open Cluster in Cygnus – TEC140 refractor

M39 is an open cluster, about 1100 light years distant, in the constellation of Cygnus, The Swan.  M39 is about 30 arc minutes in diameter, about the width of the full moon. The Cygnus constellation abounds in interesting objects and The Milky Way galaxy flows straight through it.

M39 Open Cluster in Cygnus

ImageTechnical Data

Imaged from my backyard in Nottingham, UK on the 16th October 2019 when it was high overhead from my location.  I used my TEC 140 refractor and Atik 460 cooled CCD camera with Astrodon RGB E Series Generation 2 filters.  I used my MESU 200 mount guided with an off-Axis guider.

All exposures binned 1×1:

Red > 15 x 120s ; Green > 12 x 120s ; Blue > 15 x 120s

M39 Annotated
M39 Inverted

I hope you like it! 🙂

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