M74 Galaxy with TEC 140 and Atik 460

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M74 is a magnificent spiral galaxy about 32 million light years away in the constellation of Pisces.  It has a quite low surface brightness which makes it quite a hard galaxy to observe.  It bears a passing resemblance to M101 I always think, but is much dimmer.

M74 Galaxy in Pisces

Imaged on 15th December 2022 when to The South.  I used my TEC 140 refractor with field flattener, a Atik 460 CCD camers with Astrodon E series 1.25″ LRGB filters.  All on my MESU 200 mount which was off-axis guided.  A very modest data set comprising the following

LUM > 12 x 300s ; Red > 9 x 300s ; Green 9 x 300s ; Blue > 9 x 300s 

Which gives a total integration (exposure) time of three hours and fifteen minutes in total.

I captured thee data with NINA software and did all processing with PixInsight.

Annotated Version

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