December Moon with TEC140 Refractor

The Moon with my TEC140 December 2022.

Images taken on the 6th and the 7th.  The 6th was not quite a full moon and the 7th was just a few hours past full. On the picture on the left you can see that the circle of the moon’s disk is not quite full between the 6 and 11 O’clock positions.

Both images were taken with my TEC140 refractor and ASI174M camera through Baader RGB filters.

Each capture was of 5000 frames and the seeing was quite good so that I could utilise the best 50% of frames of each capture run.  Because of the Field of View with the combination of the F8 focal length of the TEC140 and the chip size of the AIS174M, each capture run through each filter was comprised of a North and South run.  I then stitched the two together in Photoshop.

Weather conditions were extremely cold at about -2C when the captures were taken on the early evenings of the 6th and 7th December.  The Moon was very high in Taurus.

From my backyard in Nottingham, UK.  My skies are at Bortle 5 in terms of light pollution.

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