The Sun, 16 June 2021 in Ha with Lunt 60THa and ASI 174MM

The Sun, 16 June 2021 at 13:10 UK time, Lunt 60Tha and ASI174MM

This is a 10000 frame capture of the Sun with good seeing at 13:10 UK time in Nottingham.  I used my Lunt 60Tha and my ASI174MM camera at 16-bit and 65 fps.  The day was very hot – by UK standards – at about 28C and quite humid.  I was able to use 92% of the frames which I stacked in Autostakkert.   Post processing in IMppg and Photoshop CC.  The image capture is a full disk and disk and proms are from the same capture.

Black and White version

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