I captured two ISS transits of The Sun on the weekend of 12-13th June 2021.  Both images and videos were taken with my Lunt Systems T60Ha Hydrogen Alpha telescope and ASI174MM camera. ISS Transit at 15:05.14 on Saturday 12th June 2021 The transit above was not quite visible from my back yard and so I had to put all the gear into my car and drive about three miles from where I live.  I set up about twenty minutes early to ensure I was ready  and there were no technical gremlins.  I was not quite located exactly where the ISS crossed the precise diameter of the sun – I was about 300m away!  Yes, a very small change of position on the Earth’s surface really does make that much difference to the visible track of the ISS across the face of the sun.  The ISS was about 520km away when…

The Sun, 16 June 2021 at 13:10 UK time, Lunt 60Tha and ASI174MM This is a 10000 frame capture of the Sun with good seeing at 13:10 UK time in Nottingham. I used my Lunt 60Tha and my ASI174MM camera at 16-bit and 65 fps. The day was very hot – by UK standards – at about 28C and quite humid. I was able to use 92% of the frames which I stacked in Autostakkert. Post processing in IMppg and Photoshop CC. The image capture is a full disk and disk and proms are from the same capture. Black and White version