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A far Northern constellation – circumpolar from my location in Nottingham – Cassiopeia lies in the middle of numerous star fields and nebulae fields, looking out from the core of the galaxy.  The famous “W” shape is very recognisable and one of the first constellation that beginners to astronomy learn.  It is rich in interesting nebulae, star clusters and other objects.


Image above was taken at the beginning of March 2020 when Cassiopeia was setting towards the North West.  Conditions were not very good with the seeing and transparency being quite poor.  Nevertheless, I managed to grab 45 x 60s exposures at ISO 800 and F4 with Canon 1100D and 50mm lens.  Quite a quick and dirty picture and more exposure time would reveal much finer detail and nebulae details.Even in this image, you can see the huge number of objects withing the constellation, especially nebulae in the Sharpless Catalogue (Sh2).

Below is an annotated version of the above picture, showing some of the interesting objects and also an inverted view.

Cassiopeia Annotated
Cassiopeia Annotated View
Cassiopeia Inverted
Cassiopeia Inverted View

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