IC1396 Nebulae In A wide Field

IC1396 is a fabulous and well known nebula complex in the Far Northern constellation of Cepheus and is about 2400 light years distant.  It is comprised of a huge cloud of excited hydrogen gas known as a HII region (pronounced “H-two”).  Some nice features include the Elephant’s Trunk nebula embedded in it.

Full resolution (8Meg) image here (opens in a new tab):  I do not use and would rather my visitors know where they will connect 😉

IC_1396_In A Wide Field
IC1396 Nebula in Cepheus

Technical Details

Imaged from my back yard in Nottingham, UK on the nights of 15th and 16th October 2023 when almost directly overhead. It consist of 54 x 240s exposures with a QHYCCD One Shot Colour (OSC) camera with a gain of 30 and offset of 0 through a Takahashi FSQ85 telescope with the 0.67 focal reducer/flattener.

Sky conditions and transparency were both poor, as usual for the UK in all but the rarest nights of seeing.

I hope you like it 🙂 

IC1396 Annotated
Finder Chart for IC1396

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