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M36 Open Cluster in Auriga – FSQ85

M36 is an Open Cluster of stars (as opposed to a Globular Cluster) in the Constellation of Auriga.  M36 is high overhead in Europe during the nightimes of winter months and is one of three Messier Open Clusters in Auriga, the others being M37 and M38.  All of these are visible in a small pair of binoculars as nebulous and fuzzy blobs.  M36 and the other clusters make a fine site in a telescope and dozens of stars can be seen.  Note also the Red nebula to the top left – NGC 1931 (Sh2-237).  There are some tiny PGC catalogue galaxies, billions of light years away in this image.

M36 Open Cluster
M36 Open Cluster in Auriga

This image was taken from by backyard in Nottingham, UK on the 24th January 2018 with my Takahashi FSQ85 refractor and Moravian instruments G21-8300 CCD camera with Astrodon RGB Generation 2 E series filters on MESU 200 mount.  All data was binned 1×1.

Red > 12 x 120s ; Green 12 x 120s ; Blue 12 x 120s

Total Integration is about an hour and twelve minutes.  Data captured with Sequence Generator Pro and processed in PixInsight and Photoshop.

M36 Annotated
M36 Open Cluster in Auriga
M36 Inverted
Inverted Colour Version

Astrobin Image here:

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