M15 is a magnificent Globular Cluster in the constellation of Pegasus, which after M13 and M92 is arguably the best one visible to Northern Hemisphere observers. It is located about 34000 light years away and is about 125 light years in diameter with an age of 12 billion years, it is as old as the Milky Way itself. M15 Globular Cluster Image Technical Data Imaged with my TEC 140 refractor and Atik 460 CCD camera September 24th 2018. Mount is my MESU 200 guided with off-axis guiding. Red 22 x 300s 1×1; Green 12 x 300s 1×1; Blue 19 x 300s 1×1 Total Integration of the data set is about four and a half hours. Note that I did not use a separate luminance channel and instead I binned each of the RGB channels 1×1. I remain to be convinced of the need to capture a separate luminance channel with either globular or open…