The planet Mars captured with my Celestron C925 SCT telescope and my ASI224MC colour camera. I used a Powermate x2 barlow lens to give a higher image scale together with an Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector (ADC). A total of 12000 frames were captured using Firecapture to a SSD drive on my capture PC. I used Autostakkert to process the best 20% and then PixInsight to bring out the details with 8 wavelet layers. A bit of unsharp mask afterwards to sharpen it up a bit. Mars was to the East of the meridian and about 40 degrees in altitude. From my backyard in Nottingham, UK. I am quite new to using the ADC and what I did was use the colour alignment tool in Firecapture to “tune” the ADC to get the colours all as perfectly aligned as I could.