I bought the 14″ ACF SCT Optical Tube Assembly (OTA) telescope in excellent condition in April 2019 second hand. These ACF (Advanced Coma Free) SCT scopes from Meade have an excellent flat field and my intention upon purchasing this scope was to use it for lunar and planetary visual work and also for some astrophotography. Meade 14″ ACF The SCT telescopes increase in size and weight is almost exponential with their increasing aperture. This scope is VERY heavy at almost 27kg and I had it mounted side-by-side with my [also heavy] TEC140. I needed almost 40kg of weights to balance this combination. It was very close to the MESU200’s maximum weight carrying ability and caused the mount to shiver for a few moments after any physical touch of the mounted telescopes. I originally intended a three scope combination with the Meade 14″, TEC140 and my FSQ85, the latter two attached…