The North American and Pelican Nebulae in Hydrogen Alpha

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The North American Nebula and the adjacent Pelican nebula to the right of it are popular objects of the summer and autumn sky in the Northern Hemisphere.  Both these are very aptly named because the nebula to the left really does look like the continent of North America being looked at by a pelican to the right!

Here is a version of these objects in Hydrogen Alpha 3nm only.  You can see the vast amount of detail that is emitted at this wavelength by the clouds of hydrogen that the nebulae are composed from.

This picture is composed of 48 x 600s exposures with a Takahashi FSQ85 refractor and Moravian G2-8300 CCD camera with an Astrodon 31mm 3nm Ha filter and the Takahashi 0.73 reducer.  It is in monochrome at the moment but I plan on using this with RGB colour data that I hope to collect.

A snippet of the above picture showing The Pelican nebula.

This shows the portion of the nebula commonly known as “The Wall”

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