IC1396 with Samyang 135mm


IC1396 – “the Elephant’s Trunk Nebula” is a huge emission nebula in the constellation of Cepheus, about 2500 light years away.  It has a huge angular diameter of about 2 x 3 degrees so it requires a wide field telescope/lens to capture it in its entirety.

It is a very popular imaging target both in a wide field setting like this picture and also as close up views of the “trunk” that you can see in the image at the 6 o’clock position.

RGB only version
IC1396 Annotated
Annotated Version

Image Technical Data

Image data acquired September 13th 2019 from my backyard in Nottingham, UK.  This image was taken with my Samyang 135mm lens with G2-8300 CCD camera and Astrodon RGBHa filters on NEQ6 mount.  Everything is 300s in this image and binned 1×1:

Ha (3nm) x 13;  Red x 12; Green x 8;  Blue x 14 

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