Sh2-202 (Sharpless 202) Samyang 135mm


This image shows Sh2-202 glowing to the left of centre with the top of the Soul Nebula at the bottom.  Several other Sharpless Catalogue objects are also visible together with a few objects from the VdB catalogue.

Sh2-202_HaRGB Annotated
Sh2-202 Annotated

Image Technical Data

This image was captured from my back yard with my widefield rig consisting of my Samyang 135mm lens with Moravian Instruments G2-8300 CCD camera and Astrodon RGBHa filters.  I used my NEQ6 mount.  The data was acquired when the object was overhead from Nottingham UK on 29 November 2019.  All data acquired in one imaging run and all exposures binned 1×1 and 300seconds:

Ha(3nm) 180 mins, Red>50mins, Blue>45mins,Green>45mins

I hope you like it!

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