M96 Group in Leo – FSQ85

The M96 Group is a cluster of galaxies in the constellation of Leo.  Not to be confused with the separate and arguably more famous Leo triplet.  The M96 group contains three Messier galaxies (M95, M96 and M105) and many fainter galaxies in the background.  The three main galaxies are about 35 million light years away and are easily visible in small telescopes. 

M96 Group

Image Technical Data

Technical Information

Imaged from my backyard, March 2019, in Nottingham, UK.  I used my FSQ85 refractor with 0.73 reducer and my Moravian instruments G2-8300 CCD camera and Astrodon LRGB filters.  Mount is my MESU200 and guided with an Off-Axis guider. Image acquisition data:

Luminance 11 x 600s 1×1; Red 9 x 300s 2×2; Green 10 x 300s 2×2;  Blue 10 x 300s 2×2

M96 Group Annotated
M96 Group Annotated

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