North American Nebula in a wide field with Samyang 135mm and QHY268C camera

North American and Pelican Nebulae with Samyang 135mm lens and QHY268C Camera

This is my first ever image capture with the excellent NINA software.  I used my wide-field rig which consists of the Samyang 135mm lens and QHY268C OSC camera using an IDAS 2″ LP filter.  The wide angle view brings out the North American nebula (NGC 7000) and The Pelican nebula to its right very nicely.  There is also a lot of other background luminosity in the image.

The image set is a modest 18 x 180s exposures captured in August 2021, all the data being binned 1×1.  Pre-processed and processed in PixInsight with a few tweaks in Photoshop.

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