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SADR Region of Cygnus

SADR is the central star of the Cross of Cygnus, between the arms of the cross.   The constellation of Cygnus is supposed to represent a swan but to most people looks much more like a cross and consequently is often called The Northern Cross.  The whole area abounds in nebulosity that is very easy to capture with a camera.

This image is taken with a  Samyang 135mm DSLR lens and subtends a field of view of about 8 x 6 degrees across the sky and so the long axis of this image is about sixteen moon widths wide.  This is a very large area of sky to capture in one image.  It is was made from 12 x 3 minutes exposures in each of the Red, Green and Blue and also a luminance of 24 x 3 minute Hydrogen Alpha 3nm exposures to give a total integration (exposure) time of about three hours.  The camera I used is the Moravian Instruments G2-8300 loaded with 31mm Astrodon LRGBHa3nm filters.

I captured it in my back yard on 26th April 2019 with my wide-area autofocus rig mounted atop a NEQ6 mount.  The data was captured with SGP and processed with PixInsight and Photoshop.

I hope you like it! 🙂  

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