M31 – The Great Galaxy in Andromeda

Known since ancient times as a nebulous blob in the autumn and winter sky, M31 was the first galaxy to be recognised as a completely independent “island universe”, wholly separate from our own Milky Way galaxy.  This nature of M31 was only discovered in 1924.

M31 is slightly larger than our own galaxy and is located about 2.2million light years away.

M31 Andromeda Complete
M31 - The Great Andromeda Galaxy

The abovr image is comprised of a series of 600s exposures taken during 2017 and 2018 and is approximately ten hours worth of data through Baader LRGB and Ha (7nm) filters with a Takahashi FSQ85 telescope at native focal length and with G2-8300 camera.

M31 Annotated
M31 Annotated Version
M31 Annotated
M31 Inverted Version

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