Lunar Images 24 March 2021 with TEC140 and Celestron C925 with ASI174M

A selection of four images I took with my two main telescopes on the evening of the 24th March 2021 with The Moon at 78% waxing gibbous phase to the South in the constellation of Leo.

First up below is a main disk taken with TEC140 refractor.  I shot RGB through those filters on my ASI174M camera and I took the luminance through a 7nm Ha filter.  My field of view with the TEC140 and this camera is only half the disk and so I have to take sequence runs, one for the north and the other for the south and then combine them in Photoshop.


LRGB_Disk C925 SCT and ASI174M
Lunar Disk

I then moved on to use my C925 SCT telescope again using the ASI174M in RGB mode.  I did not capture a specific luminance channel this time and just used RGB and made a pseudo-luminance.  The weather conditions were too windy to get a closer scale with the Barlow lens on this occasion.

South Copernicus C925 SCT and ASI174M
South of Copernicus
Tycho and Clavius C925 SCT and ASI174M
Tycho and Clavius Area
Lunar Apennines C925 SCT and ASI174M
Copernicus and The Apennines

All images are RGB and captured with Firecapture software and then processed in Planetary System Stacker and then in PixInsight and Photoshop.

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