The Moon, 24 Dec 2020, FSQ85 and QHY268C

This is a one shot colour picture of The Moon through my Takahashi FSQ85 telescope and my QHY268C colour camera.  Seeing between bouts of cloud dodging was quite good with very little in the way of shimmering. This is the best 40% of 5000 frames captured with Fire Capture.  I did not use the full resolution of the QHY268’s 6000×4000 sensor, I just captured the central 1600×1200.  Unusual to see the FSQ85 used as a planetary or lunar scope but it does excel at this as well as deep sky astrophotography work.  It is also a very good instrument for visual observations.

Processed with Autostakkert, PixInsight and Photoshop.  I hope you like it.  It could do with a bit more colour to bring out the colour in the Mare (sea) regions.

Moon 24 Dec 2020 FSQ85 and QHY268C
The Moon 24 Dec 2020 with FSQ85 and QHY268C

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