The Moon, 24 Dec 2020 LRGBHa with TEC140

LRGB Image of the Moon, TEC 140, 24 Dec 2020

Technical Details

This image of The Moon is a composite picture taken with my TEC140 refractor and an ASI174M high speed mono camera through Baader LRGB and Neodymium filters – the same filters that can be used for Deep Sky imaging (and I have used them for exactly that purpose too).

Moon is in a 73% waxing gibbous phase in the constellation of Taurus.

I captured 2000 frames through the Baader luminance filter and another 2000 through the neodymium filter.  I then registered and combined the master image from each of these with Pixelmath with scaling.  I used Multi-Scale linear transformation to sharpen the image and a very slight HDR transformation to bring out the fainter detail.  This created the master luminance.

Each master R, G and B sub is the best 50% of 5000 frames. I registered the separate RGB channels with the master luminance and then used channel combination to make an RGB image after linear fitting them as individual master subs to attain the same intensity across the three channels.   All these steps done with PixInsight.

I then combined the master Luminance with the master RGB to create the picture above in Photoshop with a slight tweak of the vibrance and saturation with Camera Raw filter.

I hope you like it!  It is fun and enjoyable creating these lunar images.

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