The Moon, 30 Dec 2020

The Moon at a 99% waning phase 30 Dec 2020 between 21:30 and 22:20.  Note the bluish and tan colours of the mare (seas).

Moon 30-Dec-2020-Complete
Moon with LRGB Filters

Technical Details

Imaged from my back garden in Nottingham, UK. The Moon was high up in the constellation of Cancer and seeing was very good – unusual in the UK. TEC140 refractor and ASI174M camera.

The image scale is such that I had to capture two runs with each filter to capture the North and The South parts of The Moon and then stitch the two together in Photoshop using the Merge tool.  I used LRGB filters and captured 10000 frames in RGB and 20000 in luminance.  Data set was in excess of 500 Gigabytes!  I then used Autostakkert, Photoshop and PixInsight to process.  Capture software in Sharpcap.

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