Lunar Pictures from January 2020

A few pictures of the moon that I took with my Meade 14 ACF SCT scope with a ASI 174MM camera in January 2020.  The pictures utilised no filters at all.

Copernicus Area
Apollo 11 Landing Area
Apollo 11 Area
Plato Region
Mare Humorum Region
Mare Humurum Region

The Meade 14″ is an astounding scope that I liked very much.  However, with a heavy heart I subsequently went on to sell this telescope since I felt that in my Bortle 5skies it doesn’t offer any significant advantage over and above the Celestron C925;  the latter scope being very much more manageable that the huge (and very heavy) 14″ Meade.   At some point in the future I may regret this decision since the scope  excelled on the few occasions I took it to truly dark skies. However, I could not let my heart rule my head and I decided to sell it.

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