The Leo Triplet in a Widefield

The Leo Triplet is a popular trio of galaxies in the constellation of Leo, popular with amateur and professional astronomers alike.  They are visible in the late winter and spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Consisting of M65, M66 and NGC 3628, the galaxies are about 35 million light years away.  NGC 3628 was never given the distinction of as Messier number for some reason, even though it is as bright as the other two members.

The image was taken with my Samyang 135mm DLSR lens coupled with Moravian G2-8300 cooled CCD camera with Astrodon RGB filters.   It consists of seventy minutes (5 minute exposures binned 1×1)  in each of the red, green and blue filters to give a total integration time of three hours and thirty minutes.

The triplet was about 45 degrees above the horizon when the exposures were captured.  IT was then processed with Pixinsight and Photoshop.

Leo Triplet In Widefield
The Leo Triplet
Leo Triplet In Widefield Inverted
Leo Triplet Inverted
Leo Triplet In Widefield Annotated
Leo Triplet Inverted and Annotated

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