Virgo Cluster in Wide Field Setting

This is the Virgo Cluster of galaxies presented in a wide field setting.  The cluster is a popular area for amateur astronomers and professionals alike and contains some very important galaxies, the most important of which is M87, the supergiant elliptical galaxy and one of the largest galaxies in the local universe. 

You can see Markarian’s Chain demonstrated at an unfamiliar angle in this picture.

The picture is comprised from data captured during late March 2020 and I used my Samyang 135mm DSLR lens connected to G2-8300 cooled CCD camera from Moravian Instruments and Astrodon RGB filters.  The picture is comprised of 70 minutes (of five minute exposures binned 1×1) in each of the red, green and blue filters to give a total integration time of three hours and thirty minutes.  The data was developed with PixInsight and Photoshop.

Virgo in Widefield
The Virgo Galaxy Cluster
Virgo in Widefield Inverted
The Virgo Galaxy Cluster Inverted
Virgo in Widefield Annotated
The Virgo Galaxy Cluster Inverted and Annotated

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