Open Clusters

The Double Cluster

The Double Cluster
The Double Cluster in Perseus

The Double Cluster is located in the constellation of Perseus, near the border with Cassiopeia and is composed of the two Open Clusters NGC869 and NGC 884.  They are visible faintly to the naked eye on a dark night and a wide field eye piece shows them superbly in the telescope as does a pair of binoculars if you hold them steady.

The clusters are very distant from us at about 7500 light years and are located outwards in the Perseus spiral arm of the galaxy.  Were they as close as The Pleiades (at 450 light years) they would dominate the night sky!

The above image was taken with my Takahashi FSQ85 refractor and Atik 460 CCD camera with Baader RGB filters and contains 45 minutes of exposures in each of the RGB channels.  I took these exposures in 2013 and this was the first light of this telescope.

The Double Cluster Annotated
The Double Cluster Annotated View
The Double Cluster Inverted
The Double Cluster - Inverted View

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