The Heart Nebula – IC1805

The Heart Nebula in Cassiopeia

A famous emission nebula in the Northern constellation of Cassiopeia, the Heart Nebula is a huge star forming region located about 8000 light years away, out in the Perseus Arm of our galaxy.  It is often imaged as a pair of nebulae alongside the Soul Nebula as the famous Heart and Soul Nebulae. I have imaged them together here  as well as The Soul nebula here, presented on its own.  It is also known as IC1805 and Sharpless S2-190.

The Heart Nebula

It is a beautiful nebula and I have even seen it portrayed on Valentine cards 🙂 

Technical Details

Imaged from my back yard in Nottingham, UK on 20 December 2020.  Seeing conditions and sky transparency were reasonable.  I used Takahashi FSQ85 refractor at native focal length and a QHY268C OSC CMOS camera.  I took 42 x 180s exposures and the data was captured with Sequence Generator Pro.  Processed in PixInsight and Photoshop.

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