The Soul Nebula with QHY268C and FSQ85

The Soul Nebula - IC1848

The Soul Nebula is a large emission nebula in the constellation of Cassiopeia.  It is commonly imaged with the nearby Heart Nebula as a nebula pair, not unsurprisingly called the Heart and Soul Nebulae such as my rendition here.

The Soul Nebula is a vast star forming region and is located about 7000 light years away, in the Perseus Arm of our galaxy, outward from the core.  It is sometimes called the baby nebula because it resembles a baby!

Technical Data

Imaged with my Takahashi FSQ85 refractor at its native focal length and I used my QHY268C colour camera on MESU 200 mount using off-axis guiding.  The mage comprises 42 x 3 minute exposures to give a total integration time of just over two hours.   It could use some more data, especially some Ha data to bring put more detail in the nebula.

Seeing and transparency were average and the data was captured November 2020.

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