The North American Nebula with Samyang 135mm

North American Nebula Ha
Hydrogen Alpha North American and Pelican Nebulae

Above is 120 minutes worth of Hydrogen Alpha data captured in five minute exposures with an Astrodon Ha 3nm filter and a Samyang 135mm camera lens on a Moravian Instruments G2-8300 CCD camera.

Completed in RGB NAN
RGB data

I then captured one hour in each of the Astrodon R,G and B filters with the same rig as detailed for the Ha image, again in five minute exposures.   However, use of the superb Astrodon E series RGB filters produce a nice image and the colours are brought out quite nicely although it lacks a bit of punch and vibrancy. 

The bright star to the right is Deneb.

HaRGB image

In Photoshop I broke out the red channel and then blended it as a 50:50 mix with the Ha image (at the top of this page) before recombining back into RGB.  I also saved a copy of this HaR constituent and then used that as a luminance layer to really make the image pop.  I then used a series of high pass filters to reveal finer structures in the image.

Alternate Version HaRGB

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