NGC4565 – The Needle Galaxy TEC 140

Located in the constellation of Coma Berenices, The Needle Galaxy is an almost edge on galaxy about 40 million light years away.  Much detail can be seen in the dusty lanes of the edge-on spiral arms.

This picture is a two year project, off and on.  I acquired the luminance data in May 2019 with a view to completing the image then.  However, cloudy weather then plagued the UK for weeks, and when it eventually cleared the object had vanished behind neighbouring roofs!  So I had to park this image and wait a year to collect the RGB colour data in April 2020 (whilst my country [UK] was in lockdown due to the coronavirus).

NGC 4565 - The Needle Galaxy
NGC4565 - The Needle Galaxy

Data used to build the image collected with TEC140 refractor and Atik460 CCD camera with Astrodon LRGB Gen 2 E-series filters.  I used Off-Axis guiding on my Mesu 200 mount.

Data set is 20 x ten minute luminance (1×1) and 60 minutes each in R, G and B (2×2).  Processed in PixInsight and Photoshop.

Lots of very faint background galaxies visible the image above and detailed in the annotated version below.

NGC 4565 Annotated
Annotated Version
NGC 4565 - The Needle Galaxy - Inverted
Inverted Version

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