Lunar Images, 23rd Jan 2021

After months and months of cloud, The Moon shone down on us in Nottinghamshire on the 23rd January from high up in the sky in Gemini (my daughter’s birthday!) It was at a phase of 74% waxing gibbous.  I used my TEC140 scope, ASI174M camera and Baader RGB filters.  The full disk image was with the telescope at its native focal length and with the two closer up views at the bottom I used a 2″ Televue Powermate x2 in front of the filter wheel/camera assembly.

Disk 23 Jan 2021
RGB Disk at 75% Waxing Gibbous

Above is best 25% of 20000 frames in each of RGB.

Copernicus and The Apennine Mountains 23 Jan 2021
Copernicus and The Apennines

After the full disk image I inserted the Televue 2″ x2 Powermate to get a more zoomed in view.  Above is the Apennine Mountains and Copernicus crater to the left of centre.  Best 15% of 5000 frames in LRGB.

Clavius and Tycho 23 Jan 2021
Clavius and Tycho Craters

The below two images are the same telescope configuration Again, best 15% of 5000 frames in each of LRGB.   To the left we have The Sea of Tranquillity (Apollo 11 landing area) and to the right Copernicus and the Apennine Mountains.

Sea of Tranquillity 23 Jan 2021
The Sea of Tranquility

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