Lunar Images, 25th Jan 2021

The Moon on 25th January 2021 at 89% in Gemini.  It was freezing cold, snow on the ground with reasonable skies and seeing conditions.  The full disk below is the best 20% in each of the R,G and B filters out of 10000 frames.  I used Planetary System Stacker software to process the raw .SER files from the camera and then used PixInsight and Photoshop for processing.  I used my TEC140 refractor and ASI174M high speed camera with Baader RGB filters.

I no longer capture a separate luminance channel and instead make a synthetic luminance from the RGB data and then sharpen that and use as a luminance layer in Photoshop.

RGB Moon at 81%, 25 January 2021

For the two images below I used my Televue 2″ Powermate X2 in order to double the TEC140 telescope’s focal length to 1960mm.  The processing and frame set is the same as the full disk at the top.

Tycho 25 Jan 2021
Tycho Crater
Northern Polar Region 25 Jan 2021
The Northern Lunar Polar Region

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