M108 Galaxy in Ursa Major, TEC140

Spiral Galaxy M108 in Ursa Major with TEC140 and Atik 460
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M108 is a galaxy about 45 million light years away in the constellation of Ursa Major.  It is sometimes called the surfboard galaxy.  

Technical Information

M108 with TEC 140 Refractor
M108 in Ursa Major with TEC140

Imaged from my backyard observatory in Nottingham, UK in April 2021 when M108 was almost directly overhead.  I used my TEC140 refractor and Atik 460 CCD camera with Astrodon E series Gen LRGB filters (1.25″).  There is almost 9.5 hours of data in this image consisting of:

Lum > 42 x 300s; Red > 24 x 300s; Green > 24x300s; Blue 24 x 300s

Image was captured using Sequence Generator Pro software and was guided using OAG on my MESU 200 mount.  Processed with PixInsight and Photoshop 2021 CC.

I hope you like it!

M108 Annotated
M108 FindingChart

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